Our last Easter adventures in Croatia with FAUST skate Co.! Lots of fun and great skateboarding with the homies. We're working on a promo with them. Coming out soon!




Miguel Alzate's part in SPIRAL TRIBE.




It's been a while without posting something. We were working hard on the 242skateboards video called SPIRAL TRIBE. It's a pretty big project and we're really proud of the result.Thanks to all the riders who gave their best for their part, thanks to all our friends for the good times and the great motivation on the spots!

So here's the first part of the video.

We'll publish a part per week so stay tuned! 




It's a sad day for skateboarders in Geneva today. Our beloved friend Alex left us and we'll miss him a lot. We'll never forget the positive vibe you were giving us, your smile and your extreme kindness on our sessions and in life in general. You're gone too early dog but I'm sure wherever you are now you'll find something to shred! You'll be forever in our memory and we join his family and friends in this sad trial.

Hey Alex, say hi to Jim Morrison for us and keep it rock'n'roll forever!








Here's the montage of our last Spanish explorations... Zaragoza and Basque Country... Lot of fun and good spots that's exactly what we expected!

skaters: Daniel Egger, Jerôme Collomb, Lucien Wampfler, Marcus Bruggmann, Robin Fischer and Ricardo Mastrangello


-4am (THE FAUNS)

REDLINE films 2013


Here's a little "Happy New Year's clip" with Kilian Zehnder... We wish you great skateboarding in 2014... Have fun, skate everyday and take care of the spots...

Filmed with fun in 30min. on 1st of January 2014 in Geneva

music: "Porter Chops Glasper" ROBERT GLASPER and Mr. PORTER - Robert Glasper Experiment

REDLINE films 2014


Gabriel is back from his South American experience... Back in town... Back on board... Welcome back bro...!!!

music: "I Can't Live in a Livingroom" RED ZEBRA

graphics: RYLSEE

REDLINE films 2013


A new wild animal is riding for SAFARI CLOTHING...!!!

music: "Airwalker" JEREMY JAY

guest skater: Marcus Bruggmann

graphics: Célian Cordt-Moller

REDLINE films 2013


Here's our last spring's trip in Madrid...
Lot of fun, great people, good food and plenty of spots... Almost perfect!
Special thanks to Brian, Jura, Alex, Dani, Kike and Rylsee for the great support...!
We'll come back for sure!

skaters: Aïtor Luque, Daniel Egger, Emmanuel Tripet, Jonas Duclos, Yves Zogheb, Dani Erasun, Alex Riojas and Kike Ferré.

intro: "Inspiracìon" CALEXICO
1#: "Show me" TEAM ME
2#: "Tres delinquentes" DELINQUENT HABITS

graphics: RYLSEE

REDLINE films 2012


Winter is back... For sure.... So... We're back in Montreux too...
Let's start "1 minute with..." season two...
First episode features our local friend Marc Muller...
Skating fast is good...!

music: "Just Began" Dj Bunny

2012 REDLINE films


Kilian's part in "That's Us... Nike SB Switzerland"

music: "Night of the Wolf" ESPERANTO

REDLINE films 2012


Familiy bros part in "That's Us... Nike SB Switzerland" with: Alexis Crapon di Caprona, Léo Anzevui, Sven Kilchenmann

music: "Dangerdoom medley" (Crosshairs, Sofa King, The Mask)

REDLINE films 2012


Jason's part in "That's Us... Nike SB Switzerland"

music: "I'm Just Like You" 6IX

REDLINE films 2012


Jan's part in "That's Us... Nike SB Switzerland"

music: "What Can I Do" THE BLACK BELLS

REDLINE films 2012



Jérôme's part in "That's Us... Nike SB Switzerland"

music: "Jumping Someone Else's Train" THE CURE

REDLINE films 2012




Last week-end we went to Sainte-Croix to skate their new skatepark and have a last session with Kevin before he leaves...
The park is pretty small but really funny to skate...
Go there if you're around!

skaters: Thibault Moinat, Jonas Duclos, Greg Wicky, Yves Zogheb, Daniel Egger, Kevin McKay, JA Tan Hammer

music: "Dissolve-Me" ALT-J

REDLINE films 2012




Another session in St-Julien... Another clip... Enjoy!

skaters: Kilian Zehnder, John Dannesboe, Adi Good, Jason Singer, Manuel Venancio, Jérôme Collomb

music: "Fear of Darkness" DISAPPEARS

REDLINE films 2012




We wanted to celebrate VNTIZ 10th anniversary so we decided to edit a little "remix" out of the VNTIZ folder...
It's always a great pleasure skating with you guys...
Keep it real!

skaters: Manu Venancio, Ben Thé, Julian Dykmans, Julien Bachelier, Sam Partaix, Julian Furones, Steve Forstner and Hugo Liard.

music: "Take my Heart" THE BLACK LIPS

REDLINE films 2012



Here's a little edit of one of our sessions in the new park in St-Julien... The park is cool and we enjoy skating there... Take your car, your ID and go shred it!

skaters: Andres Villada, Jonas Duclos, Gabriel Zufferey and Kilian Zehnder

music: "Alegretto Per Signora" ENNIO MORRICONE

REDLINE films 2012



Kilian rides for 242!

music: "Scusi, Faciamo l'Amore" ENNIO MORRICONE

REDLINE films 2012



We are proud to introduce you one of the finest young Geneva's skater crew called LA FINE EQUIPE.
We like to share sessions with them... Some are missing in the clip... Sorry for not having a trick of everyone... But make sure to have a look at their videos and see them all...

Facebook: La fine equipe

skaters: Jordan Queijo, Luc Boimond, Nicolas Boimond, David Goldsworthy, Hamdi Hagberg, Stefan Brodard, Romain Vanherp, Guillaume Berthet.

music: "Heartbeat" THE KNIVE [RDL extended mix]

REDLINE films 2012



It's with great pleasure that we present to you Igor Granzinoli's part... Sometimes he's got his own way to skate but after all skateboarding is just about having fun... Check it out and enjoy!!!

music: intro:"Me Sinto Bem"(Instrumental)
Cone Crew Diretoria
part:"Chama os Mulekes"
Cone Crew Diretoria

REDLINE films 2012



Impossible to do that little montage serie without Yannick...
He knows every single line at ESB and always share a session with great pleasure...
Hope you'll like it!

music: "Diary of a Madman" GRAVEDIGGAZ feat.:Killah Priest & Shabazz The Disciple

REDLINE films 2012



Let's continue our "1 minute with..." serie with Alessandro Magnani...

music: "Salt on the Fields" PAT JORDACHE

REDLINE films 2012



Here's Kilian's minute in Montreux skatepark...

music:"Hang Loose" MANDRILL

REDLINE films 2011



Last week we were back at Empire Skate Building for a couple of tricks... Lot of fun as usual...

riders: Luc Boimond, Marc Müller, Nico Boimond, Marcus Bruggmann, Jordan Queijo, Jonas Duclos, Gérard Gademann, Greg Hamel and Grégory Wicky.

music: "Slumlord" MAFFEW RAGAZINO

REDLINE films 2011



Hey Folks! Here's the first edit of the "That's Us... Nike SB Swiss". The full lenght video will be available soon... Hope you'll like this edit... Thanks Alban and Chrigi for the song!

riders: Jan Hofer, Jason Singer, Alexis Crapon di Caprona, Leo Anzevui, Jérôme Collomb and Kilian Zehnder.

music: "Wondering White" ZIGITROS (OH, SISTER records)

REDLINE films 2011



Maxime & Nelson are back on wheels so we decided to celebrate this news with a little part. We are happy to see you again bros!

music: "Snowflake" MALAKAI

REDLINE films 2011



Gabriel Zufferey's BRO-MODEL is available at DOODAH!!!

Watch this, run and buy it!

music: "See You All" KOUDLAM / "When I Was Young" ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS

REDLINE films 2011




Lucien is in town for a few days so we decided to edit our last tour footage. We had so much fun there. As usual I would say. Hope you'll like it as we did filming it.
Thanks to Lucien, Martin, Andrea and all the people we met and had fun with.
We are Berliner!

riders: Daniel Egger, Gabriel Zufferey, Igor Granzinoli, Luc Boimond, Ricardo Mastrangelo, Timo Kliche, Emmanuel Trippet, Lucien Wampfler.

music: "Our Hearts Of Ruin" / "And Stars, Ringed" BLUE SKY BLACK DEATH

REDLINE films 2011




After filming for a long time here's Daniel full lenght part!
His skating is all about control and finesse and we love it!
We hope you too...
Daniel rides for Pulp68 skateshop.

music: "Lay down in the tall grass" TIMBER TIMBRE

REDLINE films 2011



That's a little edit we did with some HD footage filmed this winter...

Here comes the first episode featuring 242 crew... Connexion Vaudoise Represent!!!

riders: Jason Singer, Jérôme Collomb, Basile Amacher, Marcus Bruggmann, Florian Byrne-Sutton, Scott Reid.

music: "In Every Direction" JUNIP

REDLINE films 2011


New Szabo tee's are coming soon!!!

music: "Rooms of Gloom" FOUR TOPS

REDLINE films 2011


That's Nico Pasquali... Yaaaa man! He left Geneva for a one year trip... Between latin-america and USA... Right now he's in Argentina where he spend his time cooking, painting, skateboarding, partying and having fun... For sure!!!
Here's a small part we filmed a few months before his move... Ya man! Haaooooo!

intro: "Old School" movie soundtrack
part: "Promise land" NAS & DAMIAN MARLEY

REDLINE films 2010



For those who don't know Lucien... Here's a small part we filmed before he leaves for Berlin... Between injuries and exams... Just enough to remember you his smooth style... We miss you bro!
But... It seems that there's a tour planned for april... Mmmm... I can smell the kebab from here...

music: "Grandaddy's Mouth" THE DEXATEENS

REDLINE films 2010



Here's a small AD we edit for Pulp68's new boards serie...

The boards are available at Pulp68 now...


music: "Red in tooth and claw" THE ETTES

REDLINE films 2010




Straight from the urban jungle... Here's the animal called Gabriel... Most known as "Gab de Genève" his skating is wild and powerfull... Hope you'll like the vibe.... Almost as we did filming it...!!!
Forever young!

music: intro: "Twenty-Seven" COLTRANE MOTION
part: "Sleepyhead" PASSION PIT

intro by Thomas Muller

REDLINE films 2010



Finally... After a long time without posting anything on the site we got a new one... This one is a special "vaudois" edit... Hope you'll like their style... Because we do!

riders: Florian Byrne-Sutton, Rodrigo Mafra, Igor Granzinoli, Tiago Raimundo, Daniel Egger, Jonathan Manansala, Marcel Ricci, Yves Zogheb, Jonas Duclos, Pierre Andrey, Laurent Wildhaber, Clément Tschopp, Christophe Eggli, Alejandro Reyes, Raul Quitério, Marcus Bruggmann, Basile Amacher, Jason Singer, Scott Reid, Gabriel Zufferey, Stéphane Lochon, Pavel Derenkov, Jonathan Franc.

music: "Mouthful Of Diamonds" PHANTOGRAM

REDLINE films 2010


Like every year we decided to visit a new city... This time we wanted to skate Lisabon...
We really enjoyed the beauty of the city and the people... Despite a lot of walk we skated really cool spots and met new friends... Thanks to André and Diogo for showing us the city and sharing good vibes wth us!
Looking forward to see you in Switzerland...


Traveling for skateboarding is pleasurable!


riders: Daniel Egger, Igor Inacio Granzinoli, Lucien Wampfler, Jonas Duclos, André Costa & Diogo Costa.

music: "Wide Eyes" LOCAL NATIVES

REDLINE films 2010



Lisboa Tour 2010

Here we go! This year we decided to skate Lisboa for 10 days...

Stay tuned for a small report about our Easter Tour 2010!

Feliz Páscoa!



Here's the man called Florian... As a legendary member of the Push Up Crew he knows about pushing his limits... We're proud to introduce him with this part... Florian ride for PULP68 skateshop and for the pleasure... Skateboarding is pleasurable!


music: "Take Care of Business" NINA SIMONE [Pilooski Edit]


REDLINE films 2010



Here's a new recruit called Luc... He's from "La fine équipe" crew.... He's 15, skate since 6 years and still have no sponsors...!?!? We love to share sessions with the LFE crew... They're the new generation...!


guest: Nicolas Boimond


music: "Raid the Radio" GENERAL ELEKTRIK

REDLINE films 2010



The REDLINE films t-shirts just arrived... Printed at "WhyThink" mansion...

Thanks Raph!

You can get them for 25.- by mail at: redline@pulp68.com


Hurry up! Small limited edition...

REDLINE films 2010


Bad news for Nelson... He broke his ankle last week... He's already been operated and has to stay out of sessions for almost 3 months... Sorry for you bro! But we all know that you'll be back and still motivated... Take care! And see you soon for huge BONELESS THREE...

(sequence: MULLER)

REDLINE films 2010



No choice bro! Snow, cold, wind... Winter is rude this year so we have to skate parks... Thanks Assir and everybody at ESB Montreux for the good sessions... Without you we couldn't skate these days... Thanks to the drivers too... Not easy to drive on the snow...

riders: Luc Boimond, Romain Vanherp, Jordan Queijo, Emmanuel Tripet, Laurent Reza Wildhaber, Rui Esteves, Jonas Duclos, Igor Inacio Granzinoli, Nelson Beer, Maxime Kathari, Lucien Wampfler, Aitor Luque, Jr. Titus and Yannick Jobin.

music: "Walkabout (with:Noah Lennox)" ATLAS SOUND

REDLINE films 2010


Let's speak spanglish for the end of 2009... That's our hombre Aitor...! He's definitely back from his foot injury... Fakie tre's and stuffs... Mucho gusto!
Yes bro! Welcome back! You did it! :-)

rider: Aitor Luque

music: "Latin Lingo" CYPRESS HILL


HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody and all the best sessions for 2010!!!

2010 previews (in no particular order) : Florian Byrne-Sutton, Lucien Wampfler, What happened lately part.2 & 3, Luc Boimond, HD montage by Thomas Muller, Daniel Egger, Maxime Kathari, Nelson Beer, Gabriel Zufferey & Nico Pasquali, Saturday park sessions, Jan Hofer, ...

REDLINE films 2009


Ok... Winter is here so we can stay in front of our computers... Here's a new montage with a bunch of skaters who shared some sessions with us... We'll try to update the site as soon as possible with riders profiles and mixed edits... Enjoy!!!

Riders: Cédric"Bod"Bodinier, Manuel Venancio, Sebastien El-Idrissi, Jan Solenthaler, Severin Von Ow, Simon Stricker, Florian Byrne-Sutton, Maxime Kathari, Nelson Beer, Lucien Wampfler, Yan Bruno, Arthur Plazol, Pavel Derenkov, Greg Hamel, Paolo Bosson, Jr. Titus & JC Demuth.

Music: "40 Day Dream" Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

REDLINE films 2009


Here's a small report about our summer vacations in Spain.... Good food, see, sun, pretty girls and perfect skatepark... What else...?
Special thanks to the Luque family....!

riders: Aitor Luque, Jonas Duclos, Yves Zogheb, Daniel Egger, Leo Anzevui, Sergi Mas, Jeremias Villar, Jordi Llamas Cabuti, Fran Martinez, David Arenas and Luis Comas Norat.

Music: "Guess Who's Back" HOUSE OF PAIN

REDLINE films 2009


Here's a few tricks filmed at the DC & Pulp68's Createam contest 2009... Special request to Bob...

 riders: Jordan Queijo, Luc Boimond, Guillaume Berthet, Igor Inacio Granzinoli, Nelson Beer, Daniel Egger, Lucien Wampfler, Alejandro Reyes, Manuel Lopez, Yannick Jobin, Gabriel Zufferey & Jérome Collomb.

music: "In this lonely town" JEREMY JAY

REDLINE films 2009


We cleaned our hard-discs and found a few PLAZA's leftovers... This is leftover... We know... But... We thought it was good enough to be on the site... Don't worry.... New shits are coming soon...
Enjoy... or not!

 riders: Arthur Plazol, Daniel Egger, Maxime Kathari, Florian Byrne-Sutton, Nelson Beer and Lucien Wampfler. 

music: "Carnies" MARTINA TOPLEY BIRD

REDLINE films 2009



That's what we did during our last Easter holidays in Greece... We had so much fun... We called it Souvlaki Tour because we've eat 112 souvlaki pitas in 8 days...!!! Good score!
Special shout out to Emmanuel Tripet and his mother for the flat and the confidence... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


riders: Daniel Egger, Maxime Kathari, Florian Byrne-Sutton, Jonas Duclos, Yves Zogheb, Lucien Wampfler and Emmanuel Tripet.

music: intro: "Ορχηστρικό - Πριν Ξημερώσει" MANOLIS HIOTIS / part.1: "Innamorada" CINQUETTI / part.2: "Parliament" PETER VON POEHL

REDLINE films 2009


We're back from Greece where we spent some good time... A big thanks to Manu and his family for the house and connexions... We'll be back there for sure! Photos and video coming soon... (photos:Muller)



One day we decided to update one of our legendary spot... After a few weeks we got this...

Check BlackOut skateboarding magazine #5 for the whole story...

riders: Arthur Plazol, Aïtor Luque, Leo Anzevui, Florian Byrne-Sutton, Daniel Egger, Yves Zogheb, Lucien Wampfler, Cédric "Bod" Bodinier, Clément Tréboux, Nico Pasquali and Jimmy Pouzet.

music: timelaps:"All hands and the cook" THE WALKMEN / action: "Being there" FADED PAPER FIGURES

REDLINE films 2009



Marathon session at the ESB last saturday... Next time we sleep there...

riders: Daniel Egger, Yves Zogheb, Jonas Duclos, Jonathan Manansala, Fabio "Gino" Jimenez, Joey "Stomac" Damay, Laurent "Ubi" Huber and Yannick Jobin.

music: "Zigga Zigga" ENCORE

REDLINE films 2009


Summer is knocking at the door... Almost in our mind... So we edit that little report about last summer tour in Baden... Special thanks to Luc for travelling hours and show us the spots...

riders: Aitor Luque, Yves Zogheb, Jonas Duclos, Lucien Wampfler, Leo Anzevui, Marcel Ricci, Stefan Lötscher and Luc Kaempfen.

music: "Happy Day Today" JIM NOIR

REDLINE films 2009



.Winter footage at the Geneva skatepark... So cooold...

riders: Cédric Bodinier, Damien Aubert, Tiago Raimundo, Igor Inacio Granzinoli, Lucien Wampfler, Manuel Trippet, Nils, Florian Byrne-Sutton, Yves Zogheb, Pavel Derenkov, Gabriel Zufferey and Alexis Crapon di Caprona.

music: "Ash Wednesday" THE KAMIKAZE HEARTS

REDLINE films 2009



Here's Gabriel... Action speak louder than words... Enjoy!

music: intro: "Time is the enemy" QUANTIC / part 1: "It's a man's man's man's world" JAMES BROWN / part 2: "I got ta'!" MASTA ACE

REDLINE films 2009



Mix of our last two sessions at the ESB skatepark Montreux... Another good one...

music: "Nightsport" THE BAMBOOS

riders: Daniel Egger, Florian Byrne-Sutton, Yves Zogheb, Yannick Jobin, Maxime Kathari and Lucien Wampfler.

REDLINE films 2009


Another cool session at the Empire Skate Building... As usual...

music: "Oh Yeah" UGLY DUCKLING

riders: Daniel Egger, Florian Byrne-Sutton, Yves Zogheb, Manuel Bonjour and... Yannick Jobin (of course).

REDLINE films 2009



Bad weather... and need to skate... Problem in Geneva...!

Thanks ASSIR for giving us the chance to have fun!

music:"Wintertime joy" THE AUTUMN LEAVES

riders:Daniel Egger, Florian Byrne-Sutton, Yves Zogheb, Julien Rosay, Jason Singer, Scott Reid and Yannick Jobin.

REDLINE films 2009


They are our friends...!

music: "My friend and the ink" SHOUT OUT LOUDS

riders: Adam Goodyear, Scott Reid, Jason Singer, Yanis Rodeff, Hugo Vanel, Alexis di Caprona, Julien Rosay, Mathieu Huwiler, Ben Thé, Jean Postec, Yari Copt, Jan Hofer, Luc Kaempfen, Julian Furones, Sam Partaix, Steve Forstner, Greg Hamel and Hugo Liard

REDLINE films 2009


Here's a couple tricks outside home... Not so far... And... So many cool spots... Taken from the video "La rue est à nous" (2007).

music: "Rescue" KELLEY STOLTZ

riders: Arthur Plazol, Daniel Egger, Gabriel Zufferey, Isatis Vagnetti, Jc Demuth, Thomas Muller, Leo Anzevui and Jan Hofer

REDLINE films 2009


Jc's part in "La rue est à nous" (2007)

music: intro: "By your side" COCOROSIE / part: "Hippie, Hippie Hourah" JACQUES DUTRONC

REDLINE films 2009



This is the first REDLINE's Berliner Tour... Taken from "La rue est à nous" (2007)
A great one!

riders: Arthur Plazol/Daniel Egger/JC Demuth/Marcel Ricci/Jimmy Pouzet

music: "Going nowhere" CUT COPY

REDLINE films 2009



Leo & Miguel AKA "The couch sleepers" part in "La rue est à nous" (2007)

So many good memories...

music: "Hercules" AARON NEVILLE

REDLINE films 2009



Nico's part in "La rue est à nous" (2007)

Rasta! Yes lion...

music: intro:"La mauvaise réputation" GEORGES BRASSENS / part: "Healing of the nation" JACOB MILLER



Aïtor Luque SW FS SHOVIT Genève (photo:MULLER)

Une petite pensée pour Aïtor qui se faisait opérer aujourd'hui... Courage bro... Après ça ira encore mieux...

A bientôt...!



Push_up wax team in "La rue est à nous" (2007)

Push_up is Lucien Wampfler, Nelson Beer, Yan Bruno, Maxime Kathari, Florian Byrne Sutton, Daniel Egger & Arthur Plazol.

music:"The skin of my yellow country teeth" CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH!

REDLINE films 2009


REDLINE films 2009 New Year's ad #5:Aïtor Luque OLLIE (photos:MULLER)



REDLINE films 2009 New Year's ad #4: Listen to music... (photo:MULLER)



REDLINE films 2009 New Year's ad #3: Lucien Wampfler BS NOSEGRIND (photos:MULLER)


Redline films 2009 New Year's ad #2: The street flower... (photo:MULLER)



Happy new year everybody!!!

Redline 2009 NewYear's ad #1: Cédric "Bod" Bodinier BS DISASTER (photos:MULLER)


This is Titus part in PLEASURE (2003)... We miss you Titus... Long time we didn't skate with you in Geneva... See you soon!?

music:"The Ha Ha Walls" THE LIBERTINES / "Gravity rides everything" MODEST MOUSE

REDLINE films 2008


Still one of our favorite... Imagine he didn't stop skating... Marc von Wartburg in Pleasure (2003)...

music: "Trouble, Heartaches & Sadness" ANN PEEBLES / "Shadow Boxing"(instrumental) WU TANG CLAN



Here's your Christmas gift.... Leo's part in PLEASURE (2003)

music: "Revolving" ODDITIES



REDLINE films wish you all a merry christmas... Stay tuned for new footages and pics online soon... Don't forget to skate or diiiiiiiie!



Remember... Here's Daniel's part in PLEASURE(2003)...

music:"Devilish" VIRTUOSO

Enjoy... Or not...


Our last saturday park session in Montreux... Lot of fun...

Riders:Daniel Egger/Jonas Duclos/Yves Zogheb/Maxime Kathari/Aïtor Luque and Lucien Wampfler

Music: "Evil Ways"(Karriem Riggins remix) WILLIE BOBO


Time to go back in the days while we're working on the site...

Today's special: Arthur Plazol part in PLEASURE (2003). When he was a kid...

And already on top...

Stay tuned!

More footage soon...


Simon Pittet NOSEPICKIN' his backyard (photo:Muller)



First podcast "Welcome to Simon's new mini"




Some pages are not available yet... Coming 2009!

That's Us... Nike SB Swiss